CV curriculum vitae and Motivational letter in English

Your CV is your presentation

Your Curriculum Vitae is a personal presentation. It is important that it captures the attention of the person who reads it, so you have to give it a personal touch. The Curriculum Vitae in clear form presents information about your contact details, educational and training background, and the professional experience of the person applying for the job.

A Curriculum Vitae has three functions:
  • To present your candidature
  • To outline the most important aspects of your qualities, education and professional experience
  • Remind the interviewer for the most relevant information about you

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    Your Motivational letter: the perfect match for your CV.

    Your CV can be accompanied by motivational letter. The objectives of this motivational/cover letter are:
  • Grab the interest of those who will receive your application
  • Highlight the most significant parts from your CV that make you the right person for the job
  • The letter is the packaging of the CV and it may be the critical difference between you and the other candidates

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