Your Motivational Letter in English

We convey the meaning of your letter by presenting it in clear and concise manner. It is better to have letter that is distinctively tailored to a particular offer, application or unique expression of gratitude. You can submit a letter for informational request, letter responding to a job posting, and thank you letter after passing the interview.
translator What does the service include?
  • Professional English translation
  • Harmonization of the CV text with the text of the Letter
  • Professional writing, translation and editing
  • Human intuition to understand and convey the right message
  • Meaningful as opposed to verbatim translation of the content
  • Language and vocabulary that fits the professional profile of each candidate
  • Revisions and corrections until complete customer’s satisfaction
  • Post-sale service via email
  • Documents in Word and PDF format
Service in three days: 39€ Order here!
Service in 24 hours: 59€ Order here!

A cover letter is an act of social courtesy similar to the greeting and initial presentation and as such it carries certain importance. The letter introduces the Curriculum Vitae and briefly mentions your academic and professional background. It is important to take care for the details of style and formatting
We strive to make your professional profile tailored to the style of your Curriculum Vitae and to presented you in a way that improves your chances for reaching your career goals.